In Your Shoes

Pyschotherapy and Life Coaching

You are the only one who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, to experience life as you do.  And you know to what degree you like or dislike living in your shoes.  You may, for example, want to feel more joy; to feel more enthusiastic about life; to feel less fear; to feel less lonely; to regard yourself more highly than you do; to recover from a crisis or other unwelcome past experiences and rebuild your life following them; to aim for new “heights” in your future.   And you’re unsure how to go about achieving such goals.  You could need an empathic person with whom you can air your most uncomfortable feelings: Grief, disappointment, distress, anxiety, doubt, frustration, anger, despair.  And a person with objective vision with whom you can unearth and examine the obstacles standing in your way and explore ideas for how to move forward.

As a Psychotherapist, my aims are to accompany you as you face difficulties and challenges in your life, and to facilitate movement, as much as is realistically possible given circumstances and the limited control that we have over life, towards the kind of life you yearn for.   Or at least towards feeling better when you are managing the toughest things with which life presents you.  Each of us has wisdom and the capacity within us to progress in ways that are healthier for us, but alone we can get caught up and stuck in our hindering thoughts, feelings, patterns, habits and complexes, either consciously or unconsciously.

I will listen to what you tell me about how it is to be you, how it has been, and how you would like things to be from now on.  Together we can look into what is getting in the way of you being in a state of feeling more at peace, more content, motivated, of feeling more alive.  There are no magical solutions for improvement, but with insight, a certain amount of acceptance, and with appropriate support and encouragement, there is a great chance of positive changes occurring, and thus of enjoying life more and of feeling genuinely more fulfilled.  We do not have control over everything, but where we do hold the power, there is a lot that every one of us can do to have a better life, whatever “better” means to you personally.  I am here to facilitate your unique process, your unique journey.

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