“Viewer discretion advised!  If you are already feeling alone or somewhat disheartened, do not watch this Christmas movie!”

Scenario number 1: It’s Christmas time.  A single woman, mature and pretty, pays a visit to a tiny town in the middle of “nowhere”.  The town’s name?  Probably something like “Sleigh Town”.  She happened upon Sleigh Town by chance, and decided to stay for the holidays.  Snow is all around.  There’s an ice rink with hardly anybody on it, an old-fashioned toy store on the main street, a huge Christmas tree in the town square, angelic children carol singing, and also, there just happens to be a young, single, strapping, good-looking, kind-hearted man living in this town.  …

Scenario number 2: It’s Christmas time.  Members of the big, happy family come together from all over the country, and every single person in this family is smiling and jolly.  All of the time.  Not a mean word is uttered.  Peace reigns.  The beautiful house where all gather, the parents’ house, is perfect.  At night, the exterior is lit up by an abundance of twinkly lights.  Inside the home: Adorably cozy; Christmas decorations galore; hot cocoa, with marshmallows, on tap; the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies, and laughter.  Lots of laughter.

As if enough damage was not done to us when we were little girls, via the fairytales with the happy endings!  Now, as adult women, we are subjected to Christmas movies with merry middles and happy endings, and consequently we can feel even more sorry for ourselves.  You may ask yourself, “Am I the only one whose Christmas times are not like the ones portrayed in these movies?”  Please know that “No.  You are not the only one.”  In fact, you are one of many whose Christmas time will not be spent relaxing by the fireplace, cuddled up to a doting husband, or sitting around a massive dinner table with joyful, warm-hearted relatives.  So, please do not let these movies dampen your spirit.  They, like their evil twin, the fairytale, will try to hurt your feelings and make you feel even worse than you were already feeling, by showing you a picture of Christmas that is way more appealing than any Christmas you have ever known.  Rest assured that the movie versions of Christmas are not how the vast majority of people, in reality, experience Christmas.