FREE COVID-19 Crisis Counseling for Healthcare Workers on the Frontline in New York

Your patients are “going through hell”, and so are YOU!

Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help your patients who have COVID-19.  You are absolute heroes!

I am offering FREE counseling sessions via the telephone for frontline healthcare workers who are working directly with COVID-19 patients in hospitals in New York.

You are doing so much; you are seeing so much; you are feeling so much!

Long shifts; not enough beds; not enough medical equipment or PPE, patients with no visitors to comfort them; patients dying at alarming rates.

You can talk with me – in confidence – and tell me how you are feeling and about the thoughts that are coming up for you as you battle through these extremely difficult times.

Your sadness, despair, your desperation.  Your exhaustion, your fears, your anxieties.  Your anger, your frustrations.  You can let it all out!  I am here for you!

You may not want to worry family members.  You can talk with me instead, confidentially.  You may think that your mental health is not a priority.  I think it is!  Your psychological/emotional wellbeing is SO important.  For you, AND because it likely has an impact on your work and on your relationships.


Simply TEXT ME on  646-535-1698  to let me know what time works for you and I’ll text you back to arrange our call.  If you would like to talk immediately, if I’m available, we can do that.  (Following a simple check that you are a resident of NY state and working in a hospital here with COVID-19 patients.)

You can talk with me, for example, for 30 minutes or for just a few minutes, or for longer than 30 minutes.  I.e. According to what you need and have time for.

I’m a Psychotherapist, AKA Mental Health Counselor, licensed in the state of New York.  If you are a resident of NY state, I am permitted to work with you.

TEXT ME on  646-535-1698.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!  I want to be here for you, and I AM here for you.

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