Oh my gosh!  It used to be a rare thing that I would stop on the sidewalk in order to let a couple of tourists take their photo of a famous sight, or if there was room, make my way behind them, so as to not obstruct their photograph.  Nowadays, “nobody” is looking at the beautiful sights; they’re too busy clicking pic’s of their beautiful selves!  And my walk is disrupted because I try to avoid walking behind them, lest I end up in the background of their photo and goodness knows where on the internet!  I don’t like it.  I don’t like it one bit.

Am I alone with this feeling of intense dislike?  I doubt it, but I have so far not actually spoken with anybody who has mentioned sharing this dislike of mine.   Why do I not like selfies?  It’s not that I don’t like selfies.  I don’t like being in someone else’s selfie!  I think that the self-facing camera is a clever tool.  But, in moderation!  A lot of people seem to have become obsessed with taking photos of themselves and posting them “here, there and everywhere”!  Why?  That is the question that begs for contemplation, for self-reflection.  Look “into your self-ie”.  Why did you take it?