You had such great intentions!  This year you would do this, and that, and this …  We are three weeks into January.  “I’ve failed!” you say to yourself, disgusted.  Because you started 2017 with a list of new year’s resolutions and you have either not touched on any of the things on your list, or have begun some and then slipped back to old ways.

It’s OK.  You do not have to wait until a “special day”, such as 1st January, to make changes.  At any given moment, we can try to implement a new way of being or thinking, or return to working on something on our list.  So, please don’t be disgusted with yourself; be compassionate to yourself.  Every single new moment in our lives is an opportunity for growth, in some shape or form.  Sometimes we will grow, sometimes we will remain right where we were, and at other times we will feel like we are wilting.  It’s OK.  You are where you are.