Do you have to follow the norm?  Do you want to follow the norm?

I’m not talking about being a rebel for the sake of being a rebel.  But being different from the norm, because you ARE different.

Some people are/were bullied for being different.  For looking different, behaving differently, for having different viewpoints to the majority.

Does being in the minority mean that you are “less than”, of less worth than others, inferior, weird, odd.  Most definitely not.  For example, only “one in a million” ballet dancers become a prima ballerina.  Are prima ballerinas inferior, weird, odd?  No.  And in fact, quite the opposite.  So, there we have an example of when it is anything but frowned upon to be in the minority!  Standing out from the crowd because you are unusual is not a bad thing, although in some cases, some people might try to tell you otherwise.  Do you have the courage to be who you are and be proud of it?

Furthermore, is it fair that some people in the minority are praised for it?  People such as those dancers, musicians, actors who make it “to the top”.  Whilst others in the minority are bullied, ridiculed, ignored, ostracized?  You’ll think of your own examples, that are most relevant for you.  I’ll use the example of a person who tends to think differently from others at work.  He/she speaks up in a meeting, but nobody else “picks up” the comment/suggestion/idea.  It becomes a “stand- alone” comment; uttered by the “different one” in the company, and instantly ignored.  Although it was in reality, a brilliantly useful comment!  What does one do about this?  Perhaps, if possible, try to find people who will appreciate you.  You are different from the norm, and you are very valuable.  Will you be yourself?  Will you accept and honor yourself, no matter how others treat you?