I provide in-person psychotherapy sessions to clients in New York.   Life coaching sessions via video call for clients anywhere within the U.S. can also be arranged.  In all sessions, regardless of whether called psychotherapy or life coaching, through listening to you, giving feedback and providing emotional support, my role is to lead you to feel more empowered as you move towards your personal goals in life.  Both the goals that can be physically seen once reached and those goals related to how you feel.

Additionally, I am also available for public speaking on the topic of Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships, or more specifically on Domestic Violence, (A.K.A. Intimate Partner Violence).  My public speaking is particularly designed for the purpose of education and awareness, and is especially geared towards addressing women and girls, (although I definitely do not exclude males).  My principle aim with my public speaking is to raise awareness in relation to the signs that indicate that a person is in either a healthy or an unhealthy or even a potentially dangerous relationship, and furthermore to encourage individuals in relation to their self-worth, so that they believe and know that they are worthy of being treated well, and nothing less.

Please feel welcome to contact me with questions regarding any of the services that I offer, or to contact me for an initial, free phone consultation.

*In the state of New York, I am licensed to practice psychotherapy, under the official professional title of Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC.  Elsewhere in the U.S., my professional title is Life Coach.

Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between Life Coaching and Psychotherapy?

In Life Coaching sessions, our emphasis would be on working towards what you wish to achieve in the future, whether it be physically getting or doing something, or whether it be linked to your emotions and to feeling better.  In the process, I would always be able to draw on my knowledge of psychology, e.g. to understand any blocks/resistance to change and progression that stem from your past.

In Psychotherapy sessions, we would definitely be aiming for positive changes for the future, but we would likely be concentrating on present problems, by looking at your past and working on and through the issues from your past that are holding you back or/and hurting you.

The difference between life coaching and psychotherapy is not clear-cut.  In any session, you would talk with me about the life issues that you want to address and my aim would always be to provide whatever I feel is most useful to you.

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